How to Show Up for Yourself

I just finished watching an episode of Queer Eye, and one thing that struck me was when Jonathan Van Ness said, “it’s not about the way you look. It’s about how you show up for yourself, through actions not words.”

That made me think. HUH. It makes absolute sense.

Even if your mind is at a good place and your intentions are good, sometimes it doesn’t translate in how you present yourself to the world. That is why, it is so important not only to show up for yourself internally, but you should also be aware that you show up for yourself externally.

What does this even mean?

How does one show up for himself/herself?

The answer is, it’s really personal. I interpret showing up for yourself similarly to having self-respect. And much like self-respect, only YOU know what your values are and what you need to do to show yourself respect.

The thing is, YOU are the most important person in your life. “Nobody can pour from an empty cup.” You need to respect and take care of yourself FIRST before you have anything to give others. Do things you love, fill yourself up first, and then you can be a blessing to others.

Love and light 🙂

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