The Psychology of Haters

Growing up, I used to watch Youtube Beauty Gurus address negative comments in their videos. Once in a while, even celebrities with millions of followers on Instagram talk to the people who leave nasty comments. I always sympathized them but never really understood it until I experienced it myself.

I guess it’s just what happens when you speak your truth and put yourself out there (especially online.) As they say, you can’t please everyone. Nor should you aim to.

Most importantly, it shouldn’t deter you from carrying out your mission (for me, it’s putting out content I learned that I think others can learn from as well.) Ultimately, if you know your intent is good, there is no reason to keep a nasty comment from holding you back.

Still, I wanted to learn what caused these people to say mean things even if there was no reason to. I wanted to deep dive into the psyche of people who spew negativity. And while browsing the internet, I came across this video that was eye-opening.

So for those dealing with people who try to tear you down, know that it’s not really about you. It’s about them.

Watch this insightful video below if you want to know more about the rather interesting psychology of haters:

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