How to Deal with Life When You Don’t “Feel Like It”

It’s been weird for the past few days. My mind has been on to a lot of things. Things were unclear. I call this the gray area.

And every now and then, when life isn’t black and white, I’m thankful for having a trusty pen and paper to just write out my thoughts so that things can make sense again.

During these “gray area” days when I can’t seem to focus, I like to not judge myself too much and just allow things to happen. And once I’m ready, I take the time to sit at my desk and write with abandon.

It is so important that you take extra care of yourself during the times you “don’t feel like it.” Don’t judge yourself for the thoughts that are less than pleasant. Understand that it isn’t always going to be rainbows. It’s the ebb and flow of life. And when you’re ready to listen to yourself, and really get to the root of it, you’ll see that the cause of confusion and “not feeling it,” is a lack of clarity.

And that’s when it helps to reverse engineer your life again. Personally, I do this by asking what I really want out of life, and then I work backwards and ask myself, “what do I need to do to accomplish my goals/live my life without regrets?” Write everything down.

After this, things become clear again. Motivation returns. You’ll remember your WHY. And when you realign your mind and actions to your legacy – your contribution, the impact you want to have, the footprint you want to leave the world – you’re going to be on the right track again in no time.

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